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Anil Gupta Is A World Renowned Public Speaker, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, One to One Results Mentor As Well As Hosting Immediate Happiness Workshops All Over The World With Profound Results. Always Guaranteed.

06th Jan


Clarity Brings Focus →→ Focus Brings Action →→  Action Brings Results →→ Results Brings Growth →→ Growth Brings Success →→ Success Brings Fulfillment →→ Fulfillment Brings All It is time for clarity Namaste. That’s a strange greeting, is it not? I begin all of my seminars with this greeting. I am Indian and have used […]

04th Jan


I had often sought answers from afar when the answers were on my doorstep. You will find that you have been sitting on the treasure but have never bothered to look within to find out. Take a close look at your life—ask one question—what am I not seeing that is staring me in the face? […]

18th Oct


Chapter 3 – Immediate Happiness by Anil Gupta   YOU If you empower you— You empower your life in many different and powerful ways. Anil Gupta Do you realize that you are the common denominator in whatever you do, whatever you think, wherever you go, whatever happens to you on every occasion. So if you […]

16th Oct


Chapter 2. Immediate Happiness by Anil Gupta ACQUIRING AWARENESS We all have the potential to become magnificent oak trees. We are acorns that need to be in the right soil (the company we keep), the right temperatures (our mind), the right water (growth and contribution) and on the right path (awareness). Anil Gupta So how […]

15th Oct


Taken from Immediate Happiness by Anil Gupta. Chapter 1   If you live with awareness—you have it all! This is the foundation stone to human existence. Yes, it sounds like a profound statement and it is. Without awareness, we would not be in existence as it is a basic tool that ensures our very existence, […]

23rd Aug

Infinite Patience

Infinite patience produces immediate results. What does that mean? What it is, is this: imagine you know you are going to get a particular result,e.g. you’re going to pass a certain exam. If you know that in advance and you have the patience to realize that you have the ability to pass, and will pass […]