Infinite Patience

On August 23, 2012

Infinite patience produces immediate results.

What does that mean?

What it is, is this: imagine you know you are going to get a particular result,e.g. you’re going to pass a certain exam. If you know that in advance and you have the patience to realize that you have the ability to pass, and will pass the exam, which is in nine months’ time, you can be calm and peaceful. You don’t have to fret about it. But if you don’t have that patience, you’re going to worry about it, you’re going to get upset and you’re not going to enjoy the next nine months.By having the Infinite Patience you can relax , IMMEDIATELY!

My personal example is this: My son was probably about six years old and I thought he wasn’t making enough progress. As a high achieving Indian with all our family members being doctors, dentists, professionals etc, I thought I’d better make him step up so I hired a tutor for him.

I arranged some extra coaching and that went on for a number of years until one day I realized what I was doing. I was making him wrong. I wasn’t letting him grow at his own pace. I was trying to fix him and it wasn’t serving me because I was tense, I was always concerned about him and then so one day I said, “That’s it. I’m not going to do that anymore.” It gave me the most tremendous relief and it allowed my son to grow. And he has blossomed.

He’s an incredible human being. He’s got courage, energy, vitality, confidence. He’s got everything that I have ever wanted from him plus much more.

Imagine how much pain I would have saved if I had Infinite Patience at the age of six to say, “I trust him. Everything is going to be fine.”

It would have saved me a lot of pain. It would have saved him a lot of pain.

So Infinite Patience produces immediate results.

That one sentence can dramatically change the quality of your life.

Infinite patience produces immediate results.


Write Down The Areas of Your Life Where Infinite Patience Would Benefit You. Some examples are: your child’s progress, your relationships, your business progress, your progress in life etc.)

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  • Its great story and it real works. For sure this inspirational sentence is going to change my life dramatically as i found the infinite patience i had before has brought the real results but i didn’t realised that The infinite Patience can bring the immediate results. Thank you

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